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  • Yvon Chouinard
    Yvon ChouinardAdvisory Board

    The founder of Patagonia, Inc. and a longtime supporter of wilderness conservation, Yvon Chouinard is one of the most respected pioneers of the environmental movement in the world today…

    • Nell Newman
      Nell NewmanAdvisory Board

      Nell launched Newman’s Own Organics in 1993 with business partner Peter Meehan. Nell is the daughter of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, and grew up in a Connecticut home with a deep connection to natural, homegrown foods…

      • Mark Massara
        Mark MassaraAdvisory Board

        Mark Massara earned an early reputation in the surfing and environmental communities when, as an attorney for the Surfrider Foundation in 1991, he won a lawsuit against two pulp-mill companies near Eureka, California…

        • Wallace J. Nichols, PhD
          Wallace J. Nichols, PhDAdvisory Board

          Wallace “J.” Nichols spends his time discovering nature. He spent his youth exploring oceans and forests, as well as his own family history, resulting in a fascination for genetics and animal migration, and also human culture and conservation.

          • Keith Malloy
            Keith MalloyAdvisory Board

            Patagonia’s ambassador Keith Malloy is one of the world’s most ambitious and experimental wave-riders in the world today, with an underlying commitment to environmental causes.

            • Evan Slater
              Evan SlaterAdvisory Board

              Evan Slater’s obsession with the sport of surfing started more than 20 years ago in his hometown of Ventura, when he entered his first amateur contest with the hope of someday becoming one of the world’s top professionals.

              • Tim Bluhm
                Tim BluhmAdvisory Board

                As lead singer and guitarist for the Mother Hips, Tim Bluhm has toured the world and awed thousands of audiences with his style of jam-band inspired, free-form, feel-good music, enough to become something of a legend on the Californian music scene…

                • Sarah Gerhardt
                  Sarah GerhardtAdvisory Board

                  Sarah Gerhardt grew up on the Central Coast of California and started surfing in the 8th grade. She was soon connected to surfing as a daily part of her life, and started exploring new surfing challenges within her high school years.

                  • Kevin Hillyer
                    Kevin HillyerAdvisory Board

                    Kevin Hillyer is a Los Angeles lawyer who grew up surfing in Santa Barbara during the “halcyon days” of the early 1980s. After spending a year between high school and college circumnavigating the globe with a surfboard and tent…

                    • Chris Evans
                      Chris EvansAdvisory Board

                      From 13 to 17 years old Chris lived in Costa Rica where his passion for surfing fortuitously synchronized with a powerful awakening to real poverty, reckless deforestation and environmental imbalance.

                      • Michael Stewart
                        Michael StewartAdvisory Board

                        Michael Stewart grew up sliding on the shifting sand bars around Cape Hatteras, and eating BBQ at Bubbas #2 shack; but he now finds himself slotted near the Golden Gate bridge.

                        • Drew Kampion
                          Drew KampionAdvisory Board

                          Drew Kampion is a former editor of Surfer (1968-72), Surfing (1973-82), Wind Surf (1982-89), and Wind Tracks (1996-99) magazines. He was Editorial Director for the Patagonia clothing company (1990-91) and Associate Editor for New Age Journal (1992).

                          • Peter Kim
                            Peter KimAdvisory Board

                            Peter grew up loving the ocean, despite growing up in Ohio with no ocean in sight. Every opportunity he got, he sought the refuge of the ocean to play and explore.

                            • Nelio de Sousa
                              Nelio de SousaAdvisory Board

                              Nelio is a well informed optimist and civic activist. He believes it is possible to have a better world and improve the life of many people on the planet. Creating awareness (education) and change, as well as preserving the natural environment

                              • Peter Reich
                                Peter ReichAdvisory Board

                                Pete is currently an inspector for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Oil Pollution Prevention Program.

                                • Sachi Cunningham
                                  Sachi CunninghamAdvisory Board

                                  Sachi Cunningham is a documentary filmmaker, visual journalist and Assistant Professor of Multimedia Journalism at San Francisco State University.

                                  • Jay Drake
                                    Jay DrakeAdvisory Board

                                    Unlike most attorneys, Jay believes that talk is cheap and that actions speak louder than words. His legal advice has proven essential to the organization.

                                    • Dr. Tony Butt
                                      Dr. Tony ButtAdvisory Board

                                      Tony Butt has a PhD in Physical Oceanography from the University of Plymouth, UK, and worked as a part-time research fellow with the Coastal Processes Research Group for seven years.

                                      • Dr. Shaw Mead
                                        Dr. Shaw MeadAdvisory Board

                                        Dr. Shaw Mead has over 10 years experience in marine research and consulting. He has published 27 peer-reviewed scientific papers and has solely or jointly produced over 100 technical reports pertaining to marine ecology, coastal oceanography and aquaculture.

                                        • Alex Dick-Read
                                          Alex Dick-ReadAdvisory Board

                                          Alex Dick-Read never meant to be a surf magazine editor, but as a freelance journalist covering the Caribbean region for Associated Press and then Reuters from his home in the Virgin Islands, he just couldn’t say no when the dream job was offered.

                                          • Terry Gibson
                                            Terry GibsonAdvisory Board

                                            Terry Gibson is perhaps one of the most influential proponents of coastal conservation on the coast of Florida. Originally a writer for Surfer Magazine, he wrote the One World column

                                            • João Valente
                                              João ValenteAdvisory Board

                                              João Valente is the founder and editor of Surf Portugal Magazine, the first surf magazine in Portugal. Growing up in Brazil, João’s family moved back to their native Lisbon in the early 1980’s

                                              • Peter Mull
                                                Peter MullAdvisory Board

                                                Peter Mull is a civil engineer and project manager for the Army Corps of Engineers, for which he has overseen numerous wetlands restoration projects, as well as developed beneficial sand management practices along San Francisco’s Ocean Beach.

                                                • Lesley Ewing
                                                  Lesley EwingAdvisory Board

                                                  Lesley Ewing is a coastal engineer and swimmer. She has published numerous papers on coastal issues relevant to California and beyond, covering subjects such as tides, sea level rise, El Niños, coastal hazards, tsunamis, and methods to enhance and restore beaches.

                                                  • Ted Witt
                                                    Ted WittAdvisory Board

                                                    Ted was a founding board member for Save The Waves, and served as both treasurer and president for several years during his tenure. He started his professional career in Chile, where he founded a web-based translation company in the early 1990’s.

                                                    • Steve Winterhalter
                                                      Steve WinterhalterAdvisory Board

                                                      Steve’s views on development were shaped at an early age, watching a once pristine Southern California get paved over. After graduating from UCSB, Steve worked for six years in the energy conservation business.

                                                      • Jeff Mendelsohn
                                                        Jeff MendelsohnAdvisory Board

                                                        Jeff Mendelsohn is founder and CEO of New Leaf Paper, a company he created with the mission of driving a fundamental shift toward sustainability in the paper industry.

                                                        • Josh Berry
                                                          Josh BerryAdvisory Board

                                                          Josh grew up in a coastal Northern California village on the edge of the wilderness, where he reveled in the region’s untamed coastline. He started Save The Waves’ Chile Program in 2006 and was the organization’s Environmental Director until late 2010.

                                                          • Ben Hewlett
                                                            Ben HewlettAdvisory Board

                                                            Born on an organic farm in Bolinas, CA, Ben was raised on the waves of the Northern California coast and became attached to the ocean at a young age.