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Greg Long
Greg Long,  Surf Ambassador
Greg Long is often referred to as "the best young big wave surfer on the planet." Born and raised in San Clemente, and despite success in the amateur ranks, Greg ...

Holly Beck
Holly Beck,  Surf Ambassador
After graduating from UCSD with a degree in Psychology in 2001, Holly Beck officially turned pro and began dragging a full boardbag to all corners of the world. Five years ...

Ramon Navarro
Ramon Navarro,  Surf Ambassador
Chilean surf legend Ramon Navarro was born at world famous point break Punta de Lobos in a traditional Chilean fishing shack known as a "ruca". He is one of Chile...

Tiago Pires
Tiago Pires,  Surf Ambassador
Tiago Pires, aka Saca, is the first ever Portuguese surfer on the ASP World Tour. Pires, a national hero in Portugal, faced the world's best surfers became the first su...

Hans Hagen
Hans Hagen,  Surf Ambassador
Hans Hagen is a professional free surfer and proud father of two, living with his family in Laguna Beach, California. A former competitive surfer, Hans now prefers nature&#...

Kyle Thiermann
Kyle Thiermann,  Surf Ambassador
Kyle is a young professional surfer from Santa Cruz, California, who rallies surfers and consumers to become more aware of the power they have to affect change in their com...

João De Macedo
João De Macedo,  World Surfing Reserves Ambassador
After first standing up on a surfboard in 1989 in Praia Grande, Sintra, João went on to become one of Portugal's top young surfers, traveling and compe...

Jeff Denholm
Jeff Denholm,  Surf Ambassador
Jeff is as tough as they come. Born and raised on the southern coast of Maine, he lost his dominant arm in an accident on an Alaskan fishing trawler. Undeterred and with th...