Campaign Update: Salvemos Punta Conejo

Last year, we launched the Salvemos Punta Conejo campaign and have been working diligently ever since. We know that once a natural phenomenon like Punta Conejo is altered by industry, it is forever lost. We won’t let this gem go down without a fight.

We Need To Do Better. #BlackLivesMatter

We believe it is important to speak out, leverage our platform, and reaffirm to our followers and our community the things we stand for, especially when the times around us are difficult.

To Surfers & Water-Dwellers: Doing Our Part 

We at Save The Waves love surfing more than anyone, but now is the time to stay home. Around the world, countries are shutting down access to the beaches and surfing. While normally we’d be up in arms, we are supportive of these actions.

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