Protect Punta de Lobos


Fundación Punta de Lobos


Thanks to everyone’s ongoing support and work as a community on the Lobos Por Siempre Campaign, we are pleased to officially introduce Fundación Punta de Lobos, a local Chilean-led non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Punta de Lobos’ beauty and its long-term protection.

The challenge of the Foundation is to design and implement a Conservation Project for Punta de Lobos, in order to conserve the beauty and marine biodiversity, protect the environment, ensure its preservation, and develop community practices associated with traditions, fishing and sports. All these activities have transformed Punta de Lobos in a very special and unique place, and attractive destination for tourists from all over the world.

In this regard, the support from each one of you has been essential to start taking protection actions for this magical place.


The immediate next step is to finalize the acquisition in the first phase, followed by two subsequent phases to acquire two additional properties and restore the native flora. The Fundación will also construct an interpretive center and signage, as well as optimize the flow to guide tourism traffic, reduce erosion and cease destruction of the land.


We invite you to continue to be part of the solution and support the long term protection and conservation for Punta de Lobos.

Email to , visit us on and follow on social media: @lobosporsiempre on Instagram/ Fundación Punta de Lobos on Facebook

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Save The Waves está trabajando con Ramón y activistas comunitarios locales en Punta de Lobos para preservar y proteger la costa única de uno de spots de surf más emblemáticos de Chile. Con tanto rica biodiversidad marina y terrestre, el lugar es también el hogar de una comunidad pesquera tradicional, que kelp mano-cosecha, crustáceos y otras especies de peces locales. Aprobado recientemente como Reserva Mundial de Surf, los objetivos de la campaña son salvaguardar la biodiversidad marina y terrestre, proteger los recursos de surf, y preservar los derechos de pesca tradicionales de la comunidad pesquera.

Favor de ayudar a Save The Waves y el comité local tomar los pasos siguientes: 

  1. Crear una fundación y locales de conservación servidumbres para la conservación a largo plazo de la tierra
  2. Ayudar para proteger la biodiversidad marina y de los derechos de pesca tradicionales
  3. Mantener la administración continua de la playa y acantilados
  4. Oficialmente dedicarlo como Reserva Mundial de Surf

Apoyen a los esfuerzos de Save The Waves y activistas comunitarios locales para preservar Punta de Lobos y apoyar su protección al largo plazo como una Reserva Mundial de Surf. 100% de su donación a Crowdrise va directamente a preservar y proteger este lugar emblemático.

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Receive a Lobos Por Siempre sticker.


Receive a digital download of the film’s soundtrack and a Lobos Por Siempre sticker.


Receive a Lobos por Siempre T-Shirt, film’s soundtrack and sticker


Receive a limited edition Fisherman’s Son book and soundtrack, Lobos Por Siempre t-shirt and sticker.


Your name will be listed on the World Surfing Reserve plaque and you will receive the book, t-shirt, soundtrack and sticker.

DONATE $10,000 USD

Your name on the World Surfing Reserve plaque, and official invitation to the Punta de Lobos World Surfing Reserve Dedication. Previous incentives also included.

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