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About Our Chile Program:
Save The Waves conducts advocacy, educational outreach, video documentation, and community capacity building to increase the stewardship of coastal and marine resources throughout Chile. We work with our Chilean partners to address threats to coast and ocean such as industrial water pollution problems from the pulp mill industry and coal power plants.

Fuerza Chile! Unidos por Aguas Limpias (United for Clean Water)
In 2012, Save The Waves launched the “Unidos Por Aguas Limpias" campaign, a day of nationwide cleanup, restoration, and educational events. Beginning in 2012 with five planned locations in three regions, the campaign grew into a grassroots national effort that included 16 sites in 9 regions. In 2012, more than 600 volunteers collected a total of 4,000 kilos of trash (over 500 bags). This collective action successfully cleaned more than 15 miles of Chilean coastline. Click here to watch a short film from the 2012 campaign.

Planning and coordination for the 2nd year of the campaign are currently underway. Click here to learn more about the 2013 Unidos por Aguas Limpias Campaign.

In addition to being a day of voluntary action, the goal of the campaign is to establish a broad sense of stewardship of vital ecosystems by communities, government agencies, citizens groups, schools, and businesses. This movement encourages individuals and communities to unite for clean water and protect the beaches, rivers, estuaries, lakes, and creeks of the Chilean coast. The effort also provides a network to promote collaboration locally, regionally, and nationally on coastal conservation issues.

Click here to donate to our Fuerza Chile! Unidos Por Aguas Limpias Campaign campaign.

Tsunami/Earthquake Relief Efforts
"Fuerza Chile!" began as a Save The Waves humanitarian relief campaign. On February 27, 2010, a large earthquake & tsunami devastated our rural coastal program headquarters in Chile's Maule and Bio Bio Regions. Immediately after this disaster we began a grassroots, international humanitarian aid to the hardest hit communities immediately following the tragic earthquake-­ÔÇÉtsunami of February 27, 2010 (27/F). Click here to find out more information about the relief efforts. Click here to watch a short film about the relief efforts.

Past Efforts in Chile
Save The Waves has worked in Chile since 2006 to inspire a grassroots environmental movement and to address water quality issues in coastal communities throughout Chile. We have worked to address pollution from the pulp mill industry, which is heavily concentrated in south central Chile and has a history of dumping harmful byproducts of pulp production directly into waterways. In 2007, Save The Waves and partners also successfully defeated a proposal to build a kilometer-long wastewater pipeline that would have dumped sewage just offshore in Pichilemu. In 2009, Save The Waves partnered with FIMA, a group of Chilean environmental lawyers, to establish the Maule Itata Coastkeeper, an organization working to monitor water quality and educate the public along the coast in Regions VII and VII, an area heavily affected by pulp mill pollution.

Video Documentation
Learn more about three award-winning films we have produced about our Chile work: All Points South (2009), Pulp, Poo and Perfection (2007), and Keeping Coast (2009). Also please view 180 South, an adventure film by Chris Malloy that highlights some of the issues we work on in Chile.

Program Partners
Maule Itata Coastkeeper: The Maule Itata Coastkeeper acts as a coastal advocate and is responsible for protecting and monitoring the environmental health of the coastal waters and coastline of Chile's Maule and Bio Bio Regions. Some of the critical issues addressed by this program include over-fishing, forestry industry pollution, a proposed coal power plant, sewage, pesticides, over-development from urbanization and encroaching roads in sensitive coastal areas. Maule Itata Coastkeeper launched in early 2009 in Curanipe and covers a geographic region of approximately 100 km of coastline.

FIMA: Fiscalia del Medio Ambiente (FIMA) is the leading non-profit environmental law firm in Chile working to preserve the country's natural resources by reducing and eliminating environmental degradation. FIMA represents and assists the citizens of Chile in order to prevent and resolve environmental problems while promoting environmental conservation.