Save The Waves Coalition

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Save The Waves works closely with our coalition members, depending on the geographic area, as well as the type of environmental threat. Each wave in danger involves a new outlook and new direction. Because Save The Waves is a small non-profit, we are able to quickly adjust resources to the most need programs on the fly. By staying flexible, Save The Waves is able to evolve quickly depending on the situation.

We would like to say that Save The Waves is solely responsible for saving a particular surf break or coastal area, but in really each threat involves potentially numerous organizations, with different outlooks to secure a successful outcome. We at Save The Waves like to think of ourselves as a collective group rather than a static nonprofit. Together we can make the difference!

Save The Waves appreciates your support - please consider supporting the organizations on this list. Below are the organizations that support Save The Waves in our ongoing coastal preservation work.


Waterkeeper Alliance

Surfrider Foundation


Ocean Revolution

Pro Peninsula


Surfers' Environmental Alliance


Save Our Shores

Groundswell Society

Ocean Magazine

Surfbreak Protection Society

California Public Ocean Awareness (NOAA)

Surfers Against Sewage

International Year Of The Reef (IYOR)

Fiscalía del Medio Ambiente (FIMA)