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Flood Control, Long Beach

Flood Control was a surf spot that could hold the biggest south swells. But it was destroyed by a series of wartime coastal projects.

Recife, Brazil
38-mile stretch of coast and surf has been closed off denying surfers the right to surf.

Stanley's Reef, Ventura, Ca.
Clean, rippling beach break destroyed by coastal highway.

The Cove, Washington
Barreling sand bar buried under 600,000 cubic yards of material.

Copacabana, Brazil
Copocabana used to be a very good beach break that would hold its shape up to twelve feet and had regular offshore winds. However, in the late 1960s the government began construction to double the road in width...

Corona del Mar, Newport Beach
Historic surf spot ruined by harbor dredging

Harry's, Baja California, Mexico [PAST CAMPAIGN]
Harry's, Baja California, Mexico [PAST CAMPAIGN]
After a few days of heavy equipment dumping rocks into the ocean, this world-class surf spot is gone. Sempra-Shell, defying an injunction that a Mexican judge had slapped on their LNG plant proposal...

Killer Dana, California
Killer Dana, California - RIP - August 29, 1966.

La Barre, France
World class wave buried under a jetty construction that has continued to devastate the coastline for over 30 years.

Male Point, Maldives
An entire island destroyed by coastal armoring.

Petacalco, Mexico
Petacalco, Mexico, RIP 1975. Petacalco was consistently big, hollow, and perfect. Until developers arrived and transformed Mexico's most beautiful wave into an a-frame shore pound without any shape.

Ponta Delgada, Madeira, Portugal
This big-wave point break was destroyed in 2005 by the construction of a jetty built to protect a public swimming pool.