Save The Waves Coalition

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Save The Waves Mission

Our Mission

Save The Waves Coalition is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the coastal environment, with an emphasis on the surf zone, and educating the public about its value.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where the coastal environment in general and surfing coastline in particular is treated as a precious natural resource, and protected accordingly for the benefit of the greater community.

Our Values

Save The Waves maintains the following organizational values:
1) Integrity – We conduct our organization and ourselves with the utmost integrity with respect to our members, supporters, partners, and other stakeholders.
2) Respect – We strive to treat everyone inside and outside the organization with respect, fairness and dignity.
3) Inclusiveness – While we focus on a particular aspect of the coastal environment, we do so for the benefit of all coastal enthusiasts, and the public in general.
4) Empowerment – We believe in empowering our employees, partners and supporters, and believe that every individual and every action can make a difference.

The Problem

Some of the world's best surfing waves have vanished forever, buried by large coastal developments. Killer Dana, Petacalco, La Barre, all were among the world's best, and yet they were buried without much of a fight. The culprit in many of these cases has been the construction of marinas (Dana Point) or jetties (La Barre, Petacalco), which either bury a spot or vastly alter the natural sand flow patterns. There are also numerous places in the world where the water is too polluted to surf, yet another of the ocean's most pervasive environmental threats.

If these developments and/or industrial facilities had been given the proper coastal impact studies, these waves might still exist. Today, there are many other waves and coastal regions in the world that are facing a similar fate (see our list of endangered waves).

What We Do

Save The Waves utilizes many strategies and tactics to help protect and preserve surfing coastline around the world. Our educational programs help raise awareness about the tremendous environmental, social and economic value of these special places, both to local communities as well as the international community at large. Our research studies provide hard data to help policy makers make smart decisions, and provide conservationists with powerful tools for protection. Our documentary films help educate the general public about the importance of protecting irreplaceable coastal resources. And our global enshrinement programs help proactively designate and protect special surfing areas, before they ever fall under threat.

Save The Waves often creates alliances with local or international environmental organizations, joining forces to create a campaign that will most effectively ensure the protection of surfing resources. To read more about the programs we are currently involved in, click here.

How We Are Different

Save The Waves Coalition is the only nonprofit that is focused exclusively on protecting surf spots and their surrounding environments from pollution and excessive development, on a global scale. We focus on proactive protection of coastal resources, including education and awareness programs to inform the public about the value of community surfing areas.