Save The Waves Coalition


+ JANUARY 2014 +

The winter of 2013-14 has produced its share of quality surf lately.  This North Atlantic spot is worth everyone of your frequent flyer miles. Photo: Will Henry


+ DECMBER 2013 +

Go ahead, mind surf it.  We bet you get barreled.  Photo: Will Henry

+ NOVEMBER 2013 +

When the surf is this good, friends can slow you down. Better to go it alone.  Photo: Zach Plopper

+ OCTOBER 2013 +

Kane Ramos demonstrates modern style on an ancient craft.  Photo: James Vybiral

+ SEPTEMBER 2013 +

Another set stands up on the point for an audience of none somewhere in the southern hemisphere.  Photo: NSC

+ AUGUST 2013 +

+ JULY 2013 +

It's a long way to the point, but worth every step.  Photo: Nick Mucha

+ JUNE 2013 +

We feel sorry for the people on that boat.  Photo: Will Henry

+ MAY 2013 +

The money shot.  Photo: Will Henry

+ APRIL 2013 +

Bathymetry.  Learn it.  Love it.  Photo: Will Henry

+ MARCH 2013 +

The south Atlantic has been on point lately, have you?  Photo: Will Henry

+ FEBRUARY 2013+

Have you thanked your local rivermouth lately?  Photo: Will Henry

+ JANUARY 2013+

The winter of 2013 has started off great on the west coast.  Photo: Will Henry

+ DECEMBER  2012+

Perfection in Mainland Mexico. Photo: Will Henry

+ OCTOBER 2012+ 

A New Zealand pointbreak wrap at season's end. Photo: William Henry

+ SEPTEMBER 2012 +

Winter in South America is quickly ending, so catch this while you can. Photo: Will Henry

+ AUGUST 2012 +

It's hurricane swell season in this corner of the Atlantic Ocean!

+ JULY 2012 +


An open ocean groundswell hits a remote corner of the Pacific Ocean at sunset. The photographer and location prefer to remain anonymous.

+ JUNE 2012 +

Anthony Ghiglia stopped along the cliffs of the Bukit Peninsula to grab this image during a vacation to Bali. He comments, “It's no wonder that many surfers call this place heaven on earth.” This signed and framed photo will be available as an auction item at the Save The Waves fundraiser “Life Is A Wave” in San Francisco. Photo:

+ MAY 2012 +

Natural elements coming together at Pipeline on Oahu to produce something peculiarly spectacular. Photo: Matt Kurvin/

+ MARCH 2012 +

One of the epic teal curls of the Manly-Freshwater World Surfing Reserve, which is considered the birthplace of surfing in Australia. Photo:

+ FEBRUARY 2012 +

This has been an epic season for the Californian coastline. This golden beauty was found not far from the Save The Waves office. Santa Cruz, California. Photo: Matt Kurvin

+ JANUARY 2012 +

Last Thursday’s swell provided the perfect opportunity to capture Mavericks going off for a new film based on the life of Jay Moriarity. Only when Hollywood comes to Half Moon Bay would you find a $250,000 camera dangling precariously from a helicopter. Photo: Seth Migdail

+ DECEMBER 2011 +

Keith Malloy catching some air in the central coast of Chile. The area is home to spectacular waves as well as the polluting pulp mill industry. Photo: Will Henry.