Save The Waves Coalition

Save Kirra (again)

August 1, 2012 - Australian surfers are vigorously protesting a new proposal to develop a large cruise ship terminal and tourism center on the beach near Kirra Point, an iconic wave on the Gold Coast of Australia. The $200 million proposal includes a water park, cruise ship terminal, "surf stadium" and dive center, super yacht marina, multiple hotels, parking lots and more. 
“It’s not a ‘vision.' It’s a delusion. Sheer lunacy” said Surfrider Australia national chairman Rex Campbell. “It combines elitism, pure greed, public alienation and coastal environmental degradation with gambling and giving safe harbor to war ships. This proposal is vandalism, pure and simple. This will turn Surfer’s Paradise into a Loser’s Paradise.” 
Furthermore, local citizens are concerned that this "lunacy" proposal is merely a ploy by politicians and strategists to propose two options -- with one being impossible and the other being less bad -- thus forcing the community to choose the less bad option and force the appearance of a positive solution.  
This threat to the surf at Kirra comes after local surfers celebrated the return of the sandbar and waves at Kirra Point, which fell victim to a sand pumping project that left the point buried in too much sand under the infamous "Superbank." Kirra had disappeared from surfing, has now returned as a popular surf spot, and now faces this threat of being buried by an urban mega development.
Kirra Point also falls within the boundaries of the Gold Coast National Surfing Reserve.
Save The Waves Coalition recently learned of this new mega development proposal. We anticipate a sustained campaign in close collaboration with Surfrider Australia to oppose this project and protect the natural surf, beaches and sandbars at Kirra Point and throughout popular beaches of the Gold Coast. 
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Please stay tuned at and Surfrider Australia to follow this campaign and learn how you can help us advocate to protect this iconic wave.