Guarda do Embaú Approved as Next World Surfing Reserve
The 9th WSR is home to a world-class wave that breaks consistently year-round and is known as one of the best surf spots in Brazil.
Huanchaco Granted Federal Protection
Peruvian World Surfing Reserve achieves federal protection through historic ‘Ley de Rompientes’ law.
Australia's Gold Coast Dedicated
On March 8th, 16 kilometers of the Gold Coast were officially designated as the 8th World Surfing Reserve.
Lobos Por Siempre.
Support the efforts of Save The Waves and local community activists to preserve the iconic Punta de Lobos as the next World Surfing Reserve. #LobosPorSiempre
Conserving the world's best surfing destinations.
World Surfing Reserves provides an innovative model for proactive coastal conservation.
Santa Cruz WSR: A True Community Effort
World Surfing Reserve launches Cowell's Working Group


World Surfing Reserves, a program of Save The Waves, proactively identifies, designates and preserves outstanding waves, surf zones and surrounding environments around the world. The program serves as a global model for preserving wave breaks and their surrounding areas by recognizing and protecting the key environmental, cultural, economic and community attributes of surfing areas.