Protected areas

We protect surf ecosystems by creating well-managed protected areas in high priority coastal zones that overlap with high quality surf. 

Save The Waves achieves long-term conservation goals and creates impact from the ground up through our two global programs: World Surfing Reserves (WSRs) and Surf Protected Area Networks (SPANs). 


Our flagship program that protects and preserves outstanding wave breaks and their surrounding coastline.


A cutting-edge conservation approach to protecting surf ecosystems that overlap with biodiversity hotspots.

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What We Do: Protect

At Save The Waves, we strive to do more than react to immediate threats to surf breaks: we work hard to proactively conserve surf ecosystems and create surf protected areas.

Surf Conservation as a Lifeline

Written by Laura Zumbado. For me, conservation is a lifeline. Protecting these ecosystems is vital to enjoy the wellbeing they bring to us.

Victories & Impact
Iconic Punta de Lobos Protected Forever
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Victories & Impact
10,000 Acre Sanctuary Created in Chile
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Victories & Impact
Huanchaco Granted Federal Protection
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Victories & Impact
Cruise Terminal Prevented on Gold Coast
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How do we create protected areas?

We use a combination of voluntary conservation agreements, economic incentives, coalition-building and regulatory frameworks to achieve this goal by creating individual Reserves (WSRS) and Networks (SPANS). 

Protect the places you love.

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