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Poor planning, increased erosion and rising sea levels are taking their toll on the southern limits of San Francisco’s Ocean Beach. For the past several decades, the waves at South Sloat have been eroding the cliffs, where the highway, adjacent parking lots, and sewage infrastructure were built too close to the coast. Save The Waves, Surfrider Foundation and the local community are demanding the City of San Francisco implement an environmentally sustainable solution, including adopting a strategy of “managed retreat” or "strategic relocation" to move or abandon threatened infrastructure and restore the sandy bluffs and nearby beach.

Instead, the City of San Francisco has continued to dump massive boulders on the beach to armor the bluffs and temporarily protect city infrastructure. This worsens erosion over time, threatens the epic beachbreak at South Sloat, destroys habitat for local wildlife, and trashes the beach with artificially placed rock and debris. A restoration of this area is long overdue, and Save The Waves is working closely with community leaders to implement a sensible and sustainable solution.



We are advocating the three R's. In short, this is called a "managed retreat" (a.k.a. strategic relocation) from the shoreline and is the best course of action in the face of rising sea levels, poorly planned road & sewer infrastructure, and increasingly severe winter storms that will continue to encroach farther inland, regardless of human attempts to fight it. Climate change and rising sea levels guarantee that the ocean will destroy any human attempts to armor the beach with rocks.



• Realign infrastructure including the roadway and select sewer infrastructure farther inland, beyond erosion hazards over the next 50 years;

• Reroute Great Highway between Sloat and Hwy 35 (Skyline Blvd) to the inland side of the SF Zoo via the Sloat-35 intersection and along Lake Merced to allow for moving back and proper dune & beach restoration.


• Remove all rubble and debris from the beach and bluffs.
• Remove the parking lots at Sloat and construct new parking lots inland.


• Restore bluff top to native plants and functioning dune system.
• Place sand directly on beach to reduce erosion rate, but allow bluffs to erode.


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