As the newest branch of Save The Waves, our Stewardship program focuses on engaging and aiding coastal communities with project-based initiatives.

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From App Submission to Community Project

Save The Waves successfully launched its first ever app-based contest – the “Dirty Wave Challenge” – and asked users to submit and tag the ‘dirtiest beach’ for a chance to win a $5K stewardship prize.

With hundreds of photos from over 10 countries, the $5k prize was awarded to Hannah Bennett, a Fijian Pro Surfer and Vice President of the Fiji Surfing Association. The funds will help support Hannah with the stewardship and cleaning of the rivers and beaches on Viti Levu in partnership with the Fiji Surfing Association.

Learn more about the Dirty Wave Challenge and Hannah’s efforts here.

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Clean Cowells: Improving water quality

One of the world’s premier longboard surf breaks, and a designated World Surfing Reserve, Cowell Beach is rich in cultural, historical and economic value. 

However, it had previously taken on the dubious distinction of being California’s “dirtiest beach”  according to water quality reports by Heal the Bay.

Our commitment to address the issue led to the formation of the Cowells Working Group. 

Major improvements have been made and Cowells has since been removed from the Top Ten list altogether after years of hard work, trial and error, and dedicated scientific research.

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Our Future In Stewardship

Direct Resources, Direct Impact

We are creating a new platform designed to crowd-source funds that will flow through the platform to coalition members tackling urgent threats.

This platform will be designed to aid local communities by providing direct resources for stewardship projects. Resources provided: tools, data, connections, communication platforms and funding. 

We are excited to launch this crowdsource platform in the near-future. Stay tuned!

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