Danielle Clayton

2017 Selection Committee

Resigning from a job and team she loved at Billabong NZ to buy a one-way ticket to the tropics, slugging back Singapore Slings enroute to the unknown, Salt Gypsy founder, Danielle Clayton, spent three seasons as a surf guide in the Maldives.

Throughout 2012, her third season working under tropical sun, Danielle’s sole intention was to create a platform that supported and showcased indie surfwear designers making rad gear. Concurrent to the blog and not finding surf leggings on the market that either a) suited her style or b) suited her surf guide wages, she had a couple of pairs whipped up for herself, promoted through the Salt Gypsy blog, took orders for the original bespoke surf leggings, and the legging trend in women’s surfwear you see today was born.