Jack McCoy

2017 Selection Committee

Jack “Jake” McCoy Jr.  is the internationally recognized surfing photographer, writer, director, producer, and cinematographer creating 25 highly successful films on surfing in a life’s work of award winning movies.  Growing up in Hawaii on the windward side of Oahu in Kailua, McCoy’s father Jack McCoy was a local radio and television personality. The Sr McCoy pushed his 8 year old son on his first wave a Waikiki Beach which began a life long love of the ocean.  It was a Bruce Brown surfing film he saw in his high school auditorium at 12 years old that captured his imagination.  He started by putting up posters for surfing films to come to his town.  Poster grem for early surfing films by Bruce Brown, Bud Browne, and Val Valentine and MacGillivray/Freeman.  He got his break with Mac/Free by becoming their agent in HI to distribute their films and has been distributing and making films ever since.

“Jack’s body of work certainly places him amongst the most important of the genre, not to mention his 30-year focus on the subject.  Most surf filmmakers are often little more than camera jocks who harvest reasonable footage and assemble it to music.  Jack gets intimate, technically fine, and intense footage, and is one of the few in the field who apply a filmmaker’s creative sense to what they do with it.  For sure, it aint’t easy.  Most surf films artistically fall far short of being “good”, so when someone does make art about surfing, the art/sport is grateful to them.  McCoy falls consistently into that bracket, over the years, earning our respect and gratitude.”

– STEVE PEZMAN, Surfing Elder, Publisher The Surfers Journal