Leah Dawson

2017 Selection Committee

Professional surfer Leah Dawson has created her surf career as an influential voice in raising awareness of the women’s surf culture, identity, and community.  Two-time winner of both the Deus 9ft and Single event in Bali, and the Women’s Pipeline Longboard Event, Leah has over 20 years of surf competition experience in both longboarding and shortboarding around the world, yet her passion lives in the heart of surfing, and connecting with the wide surf culture around the world.  Exploring retro-to-modern single fins, twin fins, finless boards, and shaping herself, Leah is among a few female surfers that seeks to ride all types of boards, and all types of waves.

She has been a live broadcast camera operator for the eight years, filming events including the Triple Crown of Surfing and the Eddie Aikau Waimea Invitational. Yet, her media passions reside in storytelling through filmmaking.  With a desire to live an eco-friendly life, and be in service to others, she’s a unique storytelling voice for the Changing Tides Foundation.
She grew up in Orlando, Florida and received her BA in Creative Media from University of Hawaii, where she has been living ever since.