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ways to support Save The Waves

There are many ways to support Save The Waves from making a donation, becoming a member or purchasing an item from our store. Remember, every donation counts, and will go directly towards campaigns and programs to protect and preserve surfing coastline around the world.

Save The Waves is a true grassroots, member-supported organization. We operate with extremely low overhead, so that nearly all of the money we receive goes directly into our campaigns. Please donate and support our ongoing efforts to protect threatened surfing environments.

Donations - A monetary donation is the easiest way to support Save The Waves' mission to protect surf spots globally. Simply go to the donations page and enter in your donation amount. You will then be taken through our secure checkout process. Save The Waves can also accept other types of donations such as property, securities or mutual funds, real estate, life insurance or estate gifts. Please contact us directly for more information. Click here to go to our donations page.

Membership  - Save The Waves offers five different membership levels, from Board Rider to Kahuna, each varying in the amount of annual support, so that no matter how much you're able to contribute, we have a membership level for your needs. We also offer a gift membership, so that you can show your friends, loved ones, or colleagues, your support for Save The Waves. Each membership is processed through our secure online membership form. Please note that Save The Waves is appreciative of your support and we are grateful for all donations amount. Even small donations go a long way toward our proactive coastal protection programs. Click here to go to our membership page.

Store  - Show your support of Save The Waves through a purchase in our secure online store. We offer t-shirts, dvds, and other items. Each purchase from the Save The Waves store goes directly to our coastal protection programs. We do not use "middle men" suppliers for our products, so you can be sure that all purchase amounts go directly to Save The Waves. Click here to visit our store.

Volunteering - Save The Waves is always in need of dedicated volunteers. If you would like to help Save The Waves through a generous donation of your time, please contact us directly and we can discuss ways in which you can help. Click here for contact information.

Internships - Come join the Save The Waves team and learn the inter-workings of a small grassroots nonprofit. This is the perfect internship for those interested in nonprofit development or environmental issues. If you are in the San Francisco or Monterrey Bay areas and would like to learn more about helping Save The Waves through an internship, please contact us directly. Please note that all internships are un-paid. Click here for contact information.

Thanks for your support to help save the waves!

Save The Waves is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization - all donations are tax deductible.

Questions about our organization, programs, or your contribution? Please contact us at, or +1-831-426-6169.

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