Celebrating Our Shared Victories

Despite the hardships and curveballs of 2020, Save The Waves Coalition is proud to report an impactful year. Our team rose to the challenge to achieve historic milestones for surf conservation and scale our work across the globe.

We could not have done it without your support. You directly enabled us to continue our work and protect surf ecosystems. Our victories are your victories, and the impact we created together means generations of ocean-lovers can enjoy our coastlines as they are today.

What did we do this year? We protected over 36 waves and created 16 new Protected Areas. We dedicated the Noosa World Surfing Reserve in Australia and announced Costa Rica’s Playa Hermosa as the newest WSR and the first in Central America. We helped protect 10,000 acres of Chile’s central coast, including famous surf breaks Topocalma and Puertocillo. We defended surf ecosystems in Santa Cruz, Oaxaca and Ireland. 

But victories aren’t an endpoint – they’re a launching pad. For every protected area and campaign success, we’re just getting started.

We have big goals for 2021. We plan to expand Save The Waves’ programs to preserve thousands of miles of coastline and push our surf conservation agenda to achieve our biggest initiative yet: protect 1,000 surf ecosystems by 2030.

We need your help to achieve our year-end goal to fundraise $60,000!

We know economic stability is difficult this year, and are so appreciative of all ways you support our mission. By donating any amount that is meaningful to you or shopping to support Save The Waves, know that your contribution is going to support conservation efforts globally.

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We are beyond thankful for your continued support. We wish you happy holidays and a wonderful New Year! 


Many thanks, 

Nik Strong-Cvetich

Executive Director

Save The Waves Coalition

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