A Message From Our CEO

First and most importantly: thank you. 

Thanks to the dedication of advocates like you, the Coalition has never been stronger. 

Personally, I have never been prouder. This phenomenal group of people has truly rallied behind our mission to protect surf ecosystems and is responsible for shaping so much change across the globe.

In 2022, we introduced with partners surf protected areas in the Azores and Costa Rica. We stepped up efforts in Oaxaca, siding with locals and taking on one of Mexico’s biggest coastal infrastructure projects at Punta Conejo. We sought out innovative responses to climate change, including creating the world’s first insurance policy for surf ecosystems and leveraging our app data to find solutions to coastal issues in real-time.

From preemptive protection to defense against rising threats, we know firsthand that the coastline is, and always will need, passionate wave savers to take action and protect the places they love.

We’ve spent the last two decades preserving surf ecosystems around the world, but our work is not done yet. 

On the anniversary of our 20th year, we’re committing to protect over 98 waves; create crucial policies that would conserve 50 miles of pristine coastline in California, Portugal, and Costa Rica; and defend invaluable places under threat, like Punta Conejo and waves across The Maldives. 

Wave by wave, mile by mile: we’re fulfilling our promise to protect 1,000 waves by 2030.

Every effort and action counts – including yours.

This is where we need you! Help us achieve these goals next year and become a Coalition Member today! Your Coalition Membership will provide year-long support with generations of impact. Make a difference and help protect the places you love.

Thank you for your continued support and happy holidays! 


Our favorite 2022 moments

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