Nelio de Sousa

Advisory Board

Nelio is a well informed optimist and civic activist. He believes it is possible to have a better world and improve the life of many people on the planet. Creating awareness (education) and change, as well as preserving the natural environment, its balance and equity, from the unbalanced, greedy and predatory development, are his strongest convictions. “Nature belongs to us all,” he states. “It is public patrimony.”

As a Madeiran, he did not sit still watching the works of massive construction trashing the coastline of his homeland. He followed and supported Save The Waves’ events in 2001, and helped to raise awareness about the endangered waves and the consequences of their loss. The events in the beginning of the new millennium helped to propel the formation of Save The Waves Coalition by Will Henry. “That is why Madeira and Jardim do Mar will always be highly symbolic in Save The Waves Coalition history,” he underlines. Nelio thinks that the preservation of surf spots is a means to protect the exotic and authentic landscapes around the world, including Madeira’s shoreline, for sport, leisure, adventure, tourism, eco-tourism and simple contemplation purposes. “I am watching the brother(s).”