Terry Gibson

Advisory Board

Terry Gibson is perhaps one of the most influential proponents of coastal conservation on the coast of Florida. Originally a writer for Surfer Magazine, he wrote the One World column, which served as an environmental watchdog against coastal projects that threatened to damage or pollute the surf zone worldwide. Today, Terry is the editor of Shallow Water Angler, a magazine that focuses on salt-water sport-fishing, and continues to fight for reasonable solutions to Florida’s many coastal problems.

Terry’s knowledge of coastal resource management is extensive, and his willingness to stand up against powerful industry leaders shows a level of fearlessness that is unrivaled in today’s corporation-dominated world. His recent advice regarding beach re-nourishment in Dade County, Florida, proved to be the final straw in allowing Save the Waves and Surfrider to stop an ill-conceived plan that would have all but ruined the fishing and surfing habitat along this beautiful stretch of Florida coastline.

Terry can be frequently found harassing young groms at the Lake Worth Pier, when not buried by deadlines in the editorial offices at Shallow Water Angler.