• Erik Abel Artist Ambassador

    Erik Abel is an artist and surfer from Ventura, California. He’s spent the last 20 years surfing around the world, painting, and designing art. Sliding around on waves and pushing paint have been the two most influential aspects of Abel’s life. His focus on fundraising for ocean-related nonprofits allows him to use his creative talents to support causes he believes in.

  • Matt Beard Artist Ambassador

    Matt Beard considers both art and surfing wonderful problems to have and stopped trying to quit either of them years ago. Over twenty years of travelling up and down the entire state exploring new sections of coast with each road trip has provided ample inspiration for his ongoing effort to paint every region of this amazing coast, as well as instilling a strong conviction in him that our coastal regions are worth preserving in their most pure and natural state for generations to come.

  • Nikki Brooks Artist Ambassador

    Santa Cruz photographer and surfer Nikki Brooks loves to document surfers on journeys near and far in search of waves less ridden. Nikki is excited to collaborate with like minded surfers and to continue to create imagery that will inspire others to protect the waves, coasts, and shorelines of places both near to home and those far away.

  • Ethan Estess Artist Ambassador

    Ethan Estess is an artist and marine scientist from Santa Cruz, California who communicates about the challenges facing the ocean through sculpture, printmaking, and painting. He travels extensively for his work as a marine biologist and draws on these experiences to inspire his creative works.

  • Otto Flores Surf Ambassador

    Otto’s love of surf and environmental advocacy have merged into his current career trajectory. He’s become a high profile ambassador for not only the Patagonia brand but the designated 11th World Surfing Reserve on the Northwest Coast of Puerto Rico. In 2017, he additionally became a key Waves for Water Caribbean Hurricane Initiative leader in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, helping set a course for recovery with an emphasis on sustainability.

  • Tyler Fox Surf Ambassador

    Tyler Fox hales from the cold water and powerful waves of Santa Cruz, California. He has been fortunate enough to travel throughout Europe teaching kids to surf, mixed it up with the world’s best big wave surfers on the Big Wave World Tour as well as a recent 4th place finish in The Mavericks Invitational

  • João De Macedo World Surfing Reserves Ambassador

    After first standing up on a surfboard in 1989 in Praia Grande, Sintra, João went on to become one of Portugal’s top young surfers, traveling and competing around the world while still keeping an active academic life.

  • Jeff Denholm Surf Ambassador

    Jeff is as tough as they come. Born and raised on the southern coast of Maine, he lost his dominant arm in an accident on an Alaskan fishing trawler.

  • Sarah Gerhardt Surf Ambassador

    Sarah Gerhardt grew up on the Central Coast of California and started surfing in the 8th grade. She was soon connected to surfing as a daily part of her life, and started exploring new surfing challenges within her high school years.

  • Dr. Cliff Kapono Surf Ambassador

    Born on the eastern shores of Hawai‘i, Dr. Cliff Kapono lives a life filled with science research, journalism and professional surfing.

  • Greg Long Surf Ambassador

    Greg Long is often referred to as “the best young big wave surfer on the planet.” Born and raised in San Clemente, and despite success in the amateur ranks, Greg took a turn away from traditional pro surfing, to pursue his passion for surfing huge waves.

  • Ramon Navarro Surf Ambassador

    Chilean surf legend Ramon Navarro was born at world famous point break Punta de Lobos. He is one of Chile’s first professional surfers, and has a reputation for seeking out and riding giant surf, whether in his home country of Chile or around the globe. The son of a fisherman, Ramon also maintains a strong passion for protecting precious coastal resources in Chile and beyond.

  • Kyle Thiermann Surf Ambassador

    Kyle is a young professional surfer from Santa Cruz, California, who rallies surfers and consumers to become more aware of the power they have to affect change in their communities, and worldwide. He is sponsored by Patagonia and travels the world while earning his degree in Green Business at the same time.

  • Bianca Valenti Surf Ambassador

    Bianca Valenti is a big-wave surfer, business innovator, media spokesperson and environmental activist. She is hoping to use her platform as the most accomplished female big wave surfer in the WSL to create more gender equity in surfing and other sports, as well as to raise awareness around ocean-health and environmental issues.

  • Tiago Pires Surf Ambassador

    Tiago Pires, aka Saca, is the first ever Portuguese surfer on the ASP World Tour. Pires, a national hero in Portugal, faced the world’s best surfers to become the first surfer on tour to break 9X ASP World Champion Kelly Slater’s domination in the first half of the year in 2008 at the Rip Curl Pro Search in Indonesia.