Jeff Denholm


Jeff is as tough as they come. Born and raised on the southern coast of Maine, he lost his dominant arm in an accident on an Alaskan fishing trawler. Undeterred and with the use of self-designed prosthetics, his connection to the ocean has only grown – he surfs, free dives, bodysurfs and competes in long-distance paddleboard races. “The ocean is my escape,” he says. “Under, on, in or other.” When he is not keeping his gills wet Jeff can be found at the helm of his sustainably focused company Atira Systems Inc. where he and his team are working hard to rid the planet of the toxic flame retardants that are being dumped on our forests to the tune of millions of gallons per year. He is as well is honored to hold Ambassador positions with The Patagonia Corp., Best Day Foundation and 1% for the planet. No matter what Jeff decides to tackle in life he always remains committed to the core.