Matt Beard considers both art and surfing wonderful problems to have and stopped trying to quit either of them years ago. Over twenty years of travelling up and down the entire state exploring new sections of coast with each road trip has provided ample inspiration for his ongoing effort to paint every region of this amazing coast, as well as instilling a strong conviction in him that our coastal regions are worth preserving in their most pure and natural state for generations to come.

No stranger to the art of fundraising, Beard is committed to the idea of using his art to benefit others. He often performs live painting sessions at fundraising events and concerts (such as sharing the stage with Tom Curren and Matt Costa) and through these events (and other endeavors) he’s raised thousands of dollars for various nonprofits and charities as documented through his AidCurrent project.

Beard’s work has been published in many international art and surfing related periodicals, most notably the Surfer’s Journal in 2008, (vol. 17, #3). His commercial clients include Patagonia and Carver Skateboards. He currently lives in Humboldt county with his wife and three children. They put up with his art habit remarkably well and he doesn’t know what he would do without them. His work can be seen in depth at


A Day With Our Ambassador

Spending a day with artist ambassador Matt Beard is a special experience. It is rewarding and inspiring to learn that many of the challenges Matt confronts are the same that Save The Waves addresses in our work.

Despite the challenges, Matt continues to successfully document the California coast and provide reminders of the beauty we all want to protect as stewards of the environment.

We are proud to have Matt on the STW team!