Tiago Pires

Surf Ambassador

Tiago Pires believes very strongly in the cause to protect our coastlines and has been part of the Save The Waves since 2008 helping to promote and represent coastal protection on the European continent in addition to other parts of the world.

“I guess one thing I can say is that by travelling around the world for many years I’ve grown to see a lot of good and bad examples on how to treat nature and our surroundings. That really opened my mind to being respectful towards our environments. Ericeira is where I started surfing when I was a baby and it’s a pretty magical place and traditional fishing town. The resources are coming from the Ocean and that’s what for many, many years was feeding the people living here. Nowadays things have changed and surfing stepped into the equation as one really attractive form of tourism. My concern is that all these economic thoughts don’t really consider what was there before and don’t take care of our environment so that we can enjoy it for many generations to come. Ericeira is getting really crowded these days and my job is to be creating awareness on how we should deal with Nature so we don’t mistreat it. As I usually say: “In surfing, our stadiums are already built, we just need to make sure we do the right things to maintain them. It’s just a question of respecting what was here before us.”