• Nik Strong-Cvetich Executive Director

    With many years of experience leading innovative conservation projects, Nik’s mission is to help provide coastal communities with the tools they need to be effective in valuing, protecting and managing their own natural resources.

  • Jonathan Steinberg
    Jonathan Steinberg Operations and Development Director

    Jonathan brings 35 years small business and nonprofit management to Save the Waves. He lives, surfs and fishes on the Westside of Santa Cruz.

  • Trent Hodges Conservation Programs Manager

    Trent started as a Save the Waves WSR Fellow in 2014 completing the Surfonomics studies for Bahia de Todos Santos, Punta de Lobos, and Huanchaco. Trent‘s experience in the Peace Corps in Guatemala and subsequent years in the conservation and advocacy worlds have shaped his love for, and desire to protect the coast


  • Mara Arroyo Rodriguez Surf Protected Area Network Manager

    Mara Arroyo grew up in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. She studied Architecture and completed a Masters Degree in Conservation of Architectural Patrimony at the Universidad Michoacana (UMSNH). 

  • Lauren Parrino Communications Manager

    A Ventura native and UCSC graduate, Lauren began her work with STW in 2015 as a coordinator for the Chilean campaign Lobos Por Siempre. As a longtime coastal dweller and lover, Lauren uses her skills in communications, marketing, web and graphic design to protect coastal resources for future generations.

  • Susan Coffey
    Susan Coffey Finance Manager

    Susan has a Masters of International Business Studies from the University of South Carolina and 25 years of experience in financial management and business administration in both the surf industry and conservation nonprofits. Susan and her surf oriented family have built a life that revolves around the ocean, tides and swells, and she is excited to be part of an organization that supports coastal conservation.

Board of Directors

  • Will Henry Board Member & STW Founder

    Will Henry founded Save The Waves Coalition in 2001, in an effort to protect threatened waves on the island of Madeira. A regular visitor to Madeira since 1995, he was drawn to the island’s unique big wave spots and stunning natural scenery.

  • Gregory A. Jones President

    Greg Jones currently works for Google as the Global Director of New Business Sales.  As a “serial entrepeneur,” Greg is also an angel investor and early-stage advisor to several Internet companies.

  • Dean LaTourrette Board Member

    Dean was a founding board member for Save The Waves, helping grow the organization from its infancy, and served as Executive Director from 2007-2012.

  • Christian Charles
    Christian Charles Board Member

    British native and former professional ocean yacht racer, began his creative career as a writer, art director, creative director and director working on commercials for Pepsi, Lucas Films, Hershey, Ford as well as launching webMD during the internet boom.


  • Josh Karliner Board Member

    He has more than 25 years of experience working on international environmental and human rights issues.  He is author of two books and a wide variety of academic and popular publications on global environmental and health policy.  In the past, Karliner has taught at the University of San Francisco and worked with several organizations, including Greenpeace International and Earth Island Institute.

  • Julie Cox Board Member
    Through surfing, Julie has led an interesting life combining all things surf.  She launched The Jule Collection in 2005, a line of jewel-inspired women’s surfboards that mixed her ideas and surf knowledge with his masterful shaping. The Jule Collection can be found at Traveler and Noll Surfboards.
  • Rachel Strader Board Secretary

    Rachel Strader is a conservation strategy consultant, artist, and science illustrator. She has over a decade of experience in ocean conservation, and is a recent graduate of CSU Monterey Bay’s natural science illustration program. She uses this combination of skills to help inspire understanding, appreciation, and protection of our important coastal places.

  • Al Ramadan Vice President

    Al Ramadan is a co-founding partner at Play Bigger Advisors. He has been a CEO, entrepreneur, operating executive and sailing technologist.

  • Christy Chin
    Christy Chin Board Treasurer

    Christy has devoted her career to advancing social entrepreneurship and championing high-impact philanthropy at the Skoll. Willam and Flora Hewlett and DRK Foundations.  Before focusing on social impact, Christy focused on entrepreneurship and venture capital.  Today,  she serves on nonprofit boards and advises on venture philanthropy and impact investing.  Thanks to her surfing family, Christy is learning to surf and eager to advance conservation efforts.

  • Mark Thomas Board Member

    Mark has been trying to surf since 1970 when a wave bounced sideways off the Oceanside jetty and knocked out his front tooth.  Since then he’s not only figured out how to stand up, but also how to duck better.