Josh_KarlinerJosh Karliner has worked as International Team Coordinator and Director of Global Projects for Health Care Without Harm since 2005. In this capacity he leads HCWH’s engagement with international institutions while guiding the development of HCWH’s work in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Karliner oversees HCWH’s Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network, as well as initiatives on climate change and health. He also led HCWH’s mercury campaign which helped win the global phase-out of mercury-based medical devices through the Minamata Convention.

He has more than 25 years of experience working on international environmental and human rights issues.  He is author of two books and a wide variety of academic and popular publications on global environmental and health policy.  In the past, Karliner has taught at the University of San Francisco and worked with several organizations, including Greenpeace International and Earth Island Institute. He has also founded three NGOs: CorpWatch, the Environmental Project on Central America and the Green Schools Initiative. Surfing is the passion that has helped both drive and balance out Josh’s activism during this time. He has surfed pretty much non-stop since he first stood up on a board back in 1977 while growing up in San Diego.

Over the past 25 years he has stayed stoked primarily at his home break, Ocean Beach in San Francisco. And while he rarely is able to combine work and surf, he has had the opportunity to drop in to a few waves around the planet, including in the Maldives, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Brazil, Israel, France and Spain.