Empowering surfers, beach-goers and ocean lovers to report and track coastal threats in real-time.

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Capture what's happening when you see an issue or threat at your local surf spot or beach.


Choose an issue from our threat category menu. Write a short description to provide more detail.

Tag your location

Geotag your location and upload it to the app! Your post will to alert us and the public to the threat.

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After using the app I got so many more people on board within my community who didn’t even realize how bad it was.
Hannah Bennett
Fiji Pro Surfer
Every surfer has a responsibility to look after the areas and breaks that they love. It's the very least that you can do.
Greg Long
Big Wave Pro Surfer
Surfers are at the front lines of ocean health. The STW App can help scale how we report and respond to hazards in the surf zone.
Matthew Mulrennan
Director of the Ocean Initiative, XPRIZE

Calling all surfers and beach-lovers: Win $5,000 and give back to your local coastline!

How To: Identifying and tagging threats.

The app has six main threat categories: Coastal Development; Plastic Trash and Marine Debris; Sea Level Rise and Erosion; Water Quality; Coral Reef Impact; and Access. 

Crowdsourcing reports on threatened surf ecosystems.

The everyday tool to protect the places you love.

The Save The Waves App crowdsources data from coastal users (like you!) who identify coastal threats like illegal development, plastic pollution and poor water quality.

Protect the places you love.

Donate today and make a global impact for our coastlines. 

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