Application Window For ‘World Surfing Reserves’ Opens!

Save The Waves Coalition has opened the process for selecting the next World Surfing Reserve. Over the next several months, surf communities from around the world will prepare their official applications with the hope to be officially recognized as a WSR and, through this designation, protect and celebrate their surf ecosystem.

World Surfing Reserve logoWorld Surfing Reserves (WSR) is Save The Waves’ flagship program dedicated to protecting outstanding surf breaks and is a global network of designated reserves that are managed, implemented, and protected by the local community. Only one World Surfing Reserve is selected each year out of many applications. Each reserve undergoes a stewardship planning process with Save The Waves to empower the local community in protecting and preserving their coastal heritage.

With 12 World Surfing Reserves on 6 different continents, a powerful network of protected surf ecosystems have coalesced and are now a strong force for coastal conservation globally. 

All around the world, World Surfing Reserves represent passionate communities that are protecting water quality, reducing plastic pollution, ensuring access, protecting and celebrating surf history, building climate resiliency and so much more.

The World Surfing Reserve approach is an effective community-based conservation model that can not only aid in protecting waves, but also coastal habitats, marine life and local economies,” said Trent Hodges, Conservation Programs Manager for Save The Waves. “Save The Waves is excited to add another incredible surf ecosystem to the network.”

WSR applications are reviewed by an expert panel known as the Vision Council and are scored on the following criteria: 1) Wave Quality and Consistency; 2) Environmental Characteristics; 3) Culture and Surf History; 4) Capacity and Local Support; and 5) Priority Conservation Area.

Save The Waves receives many submissions from incredible surf zones and works with each applicant to ensure they are properly prepared for the evaluation process. 

The open application window is from January 25th to May 25th.

Interested in applying or learning more? Click here for the WSR Application and Submission Process.

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