Applications for ‘World Surfing Reserve’ Program Opens

Save The Waves Coalition is now accepting applications for the next World Surfing Reserve! 

World Surfing Reserves (WSR) is Save The Waves’ flagship program dedicated to protecting outstanding surf breaks and is a global network of designated reserves that are managed, implemented, and protected by the local community. 

Established in 2009, the program now serves as a model standard of surf break protection with over ten selected reserves in countries including Australia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica, the United States and more.

Beyond the preservation of world-class waves, World Surfing Reserves also focus on protecting the surrounding coastline. Save The Waves embraces the concept of a “surf ecosystem” where the breaking wave, environment, and local community all interact and are key components of a defined region. 

These traits are contributing factors in the selection process. Applications will be judged on how well they score on each of the five main criteria: 1) Wave Quality and Consistency; 2) Environmental Characteristics; 3) Culture and Surf History; 4) Capacity and Local Support; and 5) Priority Conservation Area.

If selected, the local applicants would work in partnership with Save The Waves to pursue projects that protect their surf ecosystem.

“The World Surfing Reserves program has shown time and again that real and lasting protection starts from the ground up and in the community that rallies around its waves,” said Trent Hodges, Conservation Programs Manager at Save The Waves. “We are pleased to start the process that will add another World Surfing Reserve to this growing network of prestigious surf ecosystems.”

The five WSR attributes: wave quality, environmental characteristics, culture and surf history, and local support.

Photo credit left to right: Luke Sorensen, Russel Ord, Nikki Brooks, Lauren Parrino, Nikki Brooks

The Application Process

The submission window is open from April 8th to October 15th, 2021.

All applicants must first submit a Letter of Inquiry to Save The Waves Coalition at info@savethewaves.org. If the inquiry is accepted, the applicants may then begin the application process. 

For additional questions or inquiries, please contact info@savethewaves.org

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