Artificial Reef Project in the Canary Islands Approved

The General Coastal Agency (GCA) goes forth with the project to build an artificial reef in the “El Rincón” zone. The Agency has provided an open study so that every possible solution is taken into consideration for the recuperation and additions of the “Parque de la Música” coastal zone.

The General Coastal Agency’s project to create apt surfing locations created by the implementation of artificial reefs in the “muro Lloret” zone will go forth. The October 30, 2006 official State’s bulletin published the GCA’s resolution and announced that the recuperation and additions to the coastal zone of the “Parque de la Música” will be given to the engineering firm, “Trama Ingenieros S.L. with a given value of 90,000 euros.

The Coastal Agency is still responsible to study and provide all possible solutions for the recuperation of the “El Rincón” zone, including the project to implement artificial surfing areas for the surfers. This idea was announced by José Fernández, director of the Coastal Commission of the Environment, in his visit to the capital, Gran Canaria, during the 23rd International Congress and Eco-beach Exposition 2006, celebrated last October in the Alfredo Kraus auditorium.

The General Coastal Agency wants to make sure it can count on the technical assistance the mentioned study promises to provide, before it goes forth with the project. According to the Environmental Commission of the Environment, the environmental study is an “open study”, which will be used to outline the future actions. The ministry’s intention is that all works for the recuperation of the coast and the wave commences at the end of 2007.

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