Baja WSR Pushes for First State Park

Bahía de Todos Santos Enshrined as First WSR in Mexico; Stewardship Council Pushing for creation of the first State Park in Baja, California


The first step in the stewardship plan of the Bahia de Todos Santos WSR is the creation of Baja’s first state park to protect the upper watershed of San Miguel Creek. Photo: Serge Dedina

On June 21st the local and international communities came together to commemorate and celebrate Bahía de Todos Santos as the sixth World Surfing Reserve in the world and the first World Surfing Reserve in Mexico. With over 200 people in attendance the community pride was palpable, underscoring the importance of this designation for the Mexican and international surfing communities.

“It is difficult to put into words the importance of declaring Bahía de Todos Santos as a World Surfing Reserve. The presence at the ceremony from every sector of the local community was an indication of the vast overall success of this project and it’s future!” said Gary Linden, legendary shaper, Big Wave World Tour Founder, and Isla de Todos Santos pioneer.

The WSR encompasses all of the major surf spots within the Bahía de Todos Santos, including Salsipuedes, San Miguel, Isla de Todos Santos (Killers), Tres Emes, and Stacks.  Save The Waves Coalition has worked with local partners and the Local Stewardship Council to draft a Reserve Conservation Plan that will address the key environmental threats to each of these distinct wave zones.

The historic wave at San Miguel serves as the centerpiece of the WSR and the plan to protect that wave is a high priority for Save The Waves. San Miguel is considered the birthplace of Mexican surfing with over 60 years of surfing and remains a rite of passage for Baja surf adventurers. The protection of this iconic point break will ensure it’s longevity for future generations to enjoy.

Photo: Chuy Garcia

Save The Waves is working closely with the Mexican NGO Pronatura Noreste to protect the watershed that feeds the fabled cobblestone point break with the sand and cobbles that ensure such high quality waves.  The health of the San Miguel Arroyo is intricately tied to the health of the wave zone at San Miguel. A series of threats including unregulated sand mining, illegal trash dumping, point and non-point source pollution, and sprawling suburban development upstream could do untold damage to the wave and the surfing experience at San Miguel.

WSR partners Pronatura Noreste have been pushing for the creation of Baja’s first state park to protect the watershed from these threats. Establishing the WSR and engaging the international surf community in advocating for the adoption of the state park proposal is a critical step in achieving this designation.

The Reserve Conservation Plan has outlined a series of activities that Save The Waves Coalition will undertake in the coming months to strategically support this initiative and influence Mexican officials to provide legal protection for an important ecological, recreational, and economic resource.  Please stay tuned for ways you can take action to support this important initiative.
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