Bianca Valenti

Big Wave Surfer / STW Surf Ambassador

Bianca Valenti is a big-wave surfer, business innovator, media spokesperson and environmental activist. She is hoping to use her platform as the most accomplished female big wave surfer in the WSL to create more gender equity in surfing and other sports, as well as to raise awareness around ocean-health and environmental issues. She is a dedicated teacher, traveler, and, incidentally, a wine-expert with decades of sommelier experience. Bianca looks forward to winning more big wave competitions in the hopes that she can continue to shine a light on women’s sports and the environment.

Save The Waves is proud of Bianca’s efforts and beyond stoked to have her as an ambassador in our global Coalition. We were happy to present Bianca with the Wave Saver Athlete of the Year at Life Is A Wave in May 2019.