Campaign Update: Salvemos Punta Conejo

Punta Conejo, a renowned surf break along the coastline of Southern Oaxaca, could be destroyed by the construction of a new industrial port project.

Last year, we launched the #SalvemosPuntaConejo campaign. We joined local partners Reservas de Surf Mexico, A.C., Wildcoast, and Union de Surfistas y Salvavidas de Salina Cruz, A.C. to implore the Mexican government to explore alternatives that would have a lower impact on the coastal ecosystem and the economies that depend on it. We remain fully committed to protecting this incredible place.

What Have We Done So Far?

•  Launched the campaign to an international audience and have secured 275,000 petition signatures in support.

•  Carried out a community workshop and participatory mapping session on the ground in Punta Conejowith local surfers, businesses, fishermen and leaders to solidify a grassroots community-driven strategy.

•  Developed the required technical studies for the proposal of a Ramsar Site (international designation of important wetlands through UNESCO).

•  Through our grassroots coalition, we developed a strategic campaign plan that can stop this harmful port project and create a protected area around Punta Conejo. We know that once a natural phenomenon like Punta Conejo is altered by industry, it is forever lost. We won’t let this gem go down without a fight.

Support the campaign

Purchase a “Salvemos PuntaConejo” sticker for only $2! Store proceeds support our conservation efforts. Order your campaign stickers today. Designed by Artist Ambassador Erik Abel.

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