Campaign Update: Victory for Killalea!

The campaign to protect the surf ecosystem known as “The Farm” in Killalea from a development project has been won! This victory is due to the incredible efforts of the local community in Shellharbour Beach, Surfrider Foundation Australia, National Surfing Reserves Australia, the Save Killalea Alliance and an outpouring of support from the international surf community.

The decision came from the state government announcing that the land will be transferred over to the National Parks and Wildlife Service and be declared a Regional Park. The community will manage a Local Steering Committee to assist in a new management plan.  

This will ensure that The Farm remains a public space and the incredible natural resources and open space will be protected in perpetuity. 

Chris Homer, president of the National Surfing Reserve of Killalea and the newly elected Mayor of Shellharbour Beach, said:

I am ecstatic about the recent announcement confirming the protection of Killalea State Park and National Surfing Reserve. It just goes to show the power of the people when they stand together.

Inappropriate development on public land - that also happens to be a stunning surf ecosystem with world class surfing and associated culture - was an issue that all coastal lovers took to heart… and fight from the heart we did.

A debt of gratitude goes out to all the surfing advocacy groups that supported us including National Surfing Reserves, Surfrider Foundation Australia and Save the Waves Coalition.

This victory goes to show that a strong coalition at the grassroots level is absolutely essential for protecting the environmental characteristics surfers and coastal users value most in surf ecosystems.

The world record paddle out at Killalea with over 700 surfers has been an inspiration to coastal communities around the world to stand up and demand that the places they love are protected from harmful development projects.  

Save The Waves Coalition will continue to work with our partners in Australia and over the world to defend surf ecosystems.

You can support our other campaigns to protect waves by visiting our Endangered Waves page and making your voice heard.

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