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Trump’s Irish Wall Gets Local Approval: The Fight Continues

Yesterday the Clare County Council announced their approval of the Trump International Golf Links (TIGL) proposal for two seawalls at Dougnmore Beach. The approved project would allow two seawalls (630 m & 260m) to be built on a public beach to provide ‘coastal erosion management’ for Trump’s private golf resort.

Mirador property at Punta de Lobos is protected forever.

After years of hard work, Save The Waves, Fundación Punta de Lobos and Patagonia are happy to announce that we have raised all of the money necessary to purchase the first property at Punta de Lobos, protecting it forever.

Cowell’s drops to 3rd on Beach Bummers list, a first in 7 years

“A 50 percent reduction is something we’re proud of and we stand by,” Cowell Beach Working Group facilitator Nik Strong-Cvetich said. “But obviously, there’s much more work to be done. We’re not content being number three. Our goal is to one day get off of the list.”

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