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The Repsol Oil Spill in Peru: Its Ongoing Impact and How You Can Help

By Gino Passalacqua | Oil spills can take months to years to clean up, and the impacts will continue to be noticeable along the Peruvian coast for a long time. For these reasons, it is important to collect data through citizens’ participation to understand the magnitude of the spill.

Finding Solutions and Stewardship in Fiji

The winner of Save The Waves’ challenge, and recipient of the $5,000 cash prize for coastal stewardship, was Hannah Bennett – Fijian Pro Surfer and Vice President of the Fiji Surfing Association. STW interviewed Hannah about what the ocean means to her, using app technology to raise awareness, and her hope for coastal communities to tackle the threat of plastic pollution.

Save The Waves to host the “Dirty Wave Challenge”

Calling all beach lovers to help identify and clean the dirtiest and trashiest surf spot! Winning submission will receive a $5000 day of stewardship with Save The Waves to clean their beach and a cash prize. Challenge open Oct 20-Nov 20 on the Endangered Waves App.

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