Chicama, Peru Threatened

Port reconstruction proposal threatens one of Peru’s perfect points.

One of the best waves in the world could soon be threatened by a nearby port expansion project. Chicama, Peru is the perfect wave that you scribbled in your notebook during homeroom. On the right days it is arguably the longest left in the world, with perfectly tapered waves bending down the point for rides over 2 km at a time. The perfect combination of rocky headland, sandy bottom, gradual bathymetry, and wind protection conspire for the enjoyment of Peruvian and international surfers.

Save The Waves has been contacted by our Peruvian partners alerting us to the potentially devastating project at Chicama. Two weeks ago Korean, Chilean, and Spanish corporations publically expressed interest in repairing and expanding the damaged port at Chicama and installing a 2.5 kilometer breakwater. The initial information indicates that non-permeable materials would be used which is highly concerning. A project of this magnitude would potentially impact the sensitive coastal dynamics that are responsible for the world-class waves at Chicama. The expanded port would also cut off critical sand supply for the beaches to the north of Chicama including Puempe, and Pacasmayo. Save The Waves is monitoring this situation closely with our Peruvian partners and will update this article as more information is available. Stay tuned.

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