Our international Coalition is a network of stewardship communities at World Surfing Reserves, local surfer-based organizations on Endangered Waves campaigns, and academics and students for Surfonomics studies. We have a network of passionate surf ambassadors, app users, event attendees, donors and so much more –  all who surf, swim, paddle, charge and protect what they love.

Nik Strong-Cvetich


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Stories From The Coalition.

Explore our blog for the latest stories from around the globe, featuring our teams on the ground and the different surf ecosystems we work collaboratively to protect, steward and defend.

Global Network. Local Advocates.

Our Coalition includes our on-the-ground partners and regional organizations. At the core of our values is collaboration. We work where we’re invited and never where we’re not. We provide resources and tools to communities, and leverage Save The Waves’ platform to help protect coastlines and surf breaks on an international scale for local outcomes. 

Our Partners.

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