Crucial Steps Taken to Protect Water Quality at Cowell’s Beach

Headed by Save The Waves Coalition, the Cowell’s Working Group hopes to reduce the high concentration of bacteria at Cowell’s Beach by installing netting beneath the wharf to prevent the roosting of pigeons and the buildup of bird feces.

In recent years, Cowell’s Beach has acquired a reputation for being “California’s dirtiest beach” after water quality samples showed high bacteria counts and landed the famous surf spot on Heal the Bay’s “Beach Bummer” list.

The decision to install the netting follows recent studies that concluded bacteria counts are at their highest underneath the wharf, and get significantly lower as one travels along the beach away from the wharf in either direction.

CWG hopes that the use of pigeon nets will prove to be a simple solution to a problem that has long perplexed residents and officials of Santa Cruz.

Check out the #CowellsCampaign to get more information on the Cowell’s Working Group and their research.

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