Don’t Mess with Lobos


What do you do if private investors want to build large-scale commercial projects along the coastline that you dearly love?  In the case of Punta de Lobos , you team up with Save The Waves, become approved as a World Surfing Reserve, and mount a focused campaign to undermine the audacious plans.

In June, in response to the WSR’s effective advocacy efforts, the municipality of Pichilemu approved an additional three month extension of the building freeze within the Punta de Lobos World Surfing Reserve.

BreakingNews_photo_14_8_27 Can't touch this. Construction freeze keeps these endemic cactus and reeling waves safe for now. Photo: Nico Recordón

This additional three month extension allows Save The Waves and the local WSR committee, Comité Defensa Punta de Lobos, time to push for an updated master plan with enhanced zoning regulations which would permanently prohibit new building construction within their World Surfing Reserve.

This tactical victory sets STW and Comité Defensa Punta de Lobos up for success in pursuing their main goal of protecting the coastline of Punta de Lobos and making it a permanently open and public space for all to enjoy.  Especially those who love long, powerful lefts in a remarkable setting.

Stayed tuned for more good news at Punta de Lobos!

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Construction_Freeze_Doc_ImageYep, it's official. Formal decree announcing that Punta de Lobos shall remain construction free for an additional 3 months.

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