El Estero San Jose At Risk

A marina, part of the Puerto de Los Cabos Resort development project, is due to be opened to sea, which will contaminate the freshwater supply to the majority of the Los Cabos region.

Recent findings by hydrologist, Emigdio Flores, from La Paz University confirms that once the marina is opened the freshwater aquifer will be contaminated by salt water intrusion. This will happen as the Puerto de Los Cabos development crew hit groundwater when digging out the marina. This groundwater is part of the aquifer shared by the estuary. The estuary and aquifer is the main freshwater supply for the whole Los Cabos region, which includes the areas between The Sierra de la Laguna Mountains to the Coast.

Experts say that once the marina is opened the saltwater will mix with the freshwater and this salty water solution will move throughout the aquifer—contaminating all the freshwater for this area, killing agricultural lands, the plants and animals in the estuary, and potentially local residents as the Los Cabos region only has one desalinazation plant—which does not have the capacity to supply freshwater to all the hotels, tourists, and local residents of over 200,000 people—far from it.

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