The Founders Circle

A unique opportunity for surfers of means to participate in the impact, community and legacy of Save The Waves Coalition.

Your contribution will protect 1,000 surf ecosystems by 2030 and help us reach one million people worldwide. For every $10,000 donated we can protect an additional surf ecosystem for a year through our protected areas, stewardship or campaigns.

The generosity of our Founders Circle has helped us achieve monumental victories for conservation.

Establish Piedra del viento - a 10,000 acre santuary on Chile's central coast

Protect Punta de Lobos forever, one of Chile’s most iconic surf spots.

Stop destruction of Kirra Point, Gold Coast by a cruise ship terminal.

A Lasting legacy

Learn more about you can contribute to Save The Waves and join the Founders Circle. 

Nik Strong-Cvetich

CEO of Save The Waves Coalition


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