First milestones reached for #LobosPorSiempre

This month the #LobosPorSiempre campaign made some important achievements towards protecting Chile’s most iconic left hand point. The crowdfunding campaign has just reached the 50K mark and the local foundation has been legally established!

STW Director of Programs, Nick Mucha, who just returned from his latest trip to Chile, recaps the success, “ During this trip, we made significant strides towards the eventual acquisition and conservation of the key properties at Lobos. Ensuring that the properties are acquired and protected by the recently established local Chilean foundation is the next step, as well as broadening local participation.”

Four important milestones have been achieved since the launch of the Lobos Por Siempre campaign in April, and are as follows:

  1. The local foundation has been legally established to own and acquire key coastal properties at Punta de Lobos.
  2. The private landowners for the two key properties along Punta de Lobos are engaged in the project!
  3. A legal document has been drafted that will define the path forward for the acquisitions, the transfer of lands to the foundation, and conservation easements to legally guarantee permanent protection of the Point.
  4. The local WSR committee (Corporación de Defensa Punta de Lobos) is actively incorporating new groups, thereby providing stronger participation for the local community in the project.

Save The Waves and the local WSR committee have dedicated more than two years building this innovative solution to address the coastal threats of Punta de Lobos. As the 7th approved World Surfing Reserve, Save The Waves and the local team are working hard to ensure that the WSR at Punta de Lobos provides long term, legal protection for the coastline and wave.

Thanks to everyone, who has helped reach these milestones. We still need your support to complete the next step toward this goal, and Patagonia will continue to match your donation to $100,000. By donating to this historic effort you will receive a number of exclusive, limited edition incentives including t-shirts, downloads, books, and much more. Visit www.lobosporsiempre.org and donate today.

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