Corralejo bay, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain

The waves, the water quality and the marine life in the bay are now under threat due to a planned harbor expansion.

 Save The Waves has joined local partner Clean Ocean Project to campaign against the construction of a harmful harbor expansion project at Corralejo bay.


Responsible Parties

The Canarian government

Vice-counsel of infrastructure

VICECONSEJERO – Sr. D. Francisco Javier González Díaz

On the Ground

Clean Ocean Project

The Canarian Government plan to expand the existing harbor with a large industrial section in the bay of Corralejo. The expansion includes a new outer jetty divided into 3 parts with lengths of 78m, 120m and 214m. This excessive, disproportionate and unnecessary structure will have fatal consequences for the waves, ecosystem, currents, and natural habitat of protected species. The €32 million project will cause irreversible environmental impacts on the seabed, currents and waves along with an increase in traffic creating a hostile environment for wildlife. 

The harbor project has been planned to be funded with public money, yet the public has not been asked or involved in any decisions. Besides lack of transparency and use of public funds, the harbor project also goes against the ground values of Fuerteventura as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO where sustainable development and the protection of biodiversity should be the main motives for the future of the island. 

After 2 years with protests and campaigns on a local level Clean Ocean Project need help to take the next steps necessary to end to this construction. Clean Ocean Project is raising funds to cover the costs of lawyers and legal fees that can take this battle to a new level and hold people involved accountable for illegal actions.

This project is not progress and what will be destroyed has a way higher value than what will take its place. This will be a terrible loss to the people and island of Fuerteventura, and we are asking for your help to SAVE THE BAY. 

Lærke Heilmann

lean Ocean Project



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The surf ecosystem of Corralejo bay on the island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands is under threat from the planned construction of a large industrial dock.

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