Life Is A Wave’s 10th Anniversary Celebrates the Places and Waves We’ve Saved, Protected and Enjoyed

(Davenport, CA) On his annual trip to the island of Madeira in 2003, Will Henry learned that one of Madeira’s iconic surf spots was to be buried under a harbor project.  In fact, he surfed the wave while bulldozers were removing boulders from the lineup.  He returned to the US and built a campaign through the internet and print media to raise public outcry.

Will returned to Madeira, having newly formed Save The Waves to represent surfers worldwide, and met with government officials, conservation orgs and local surfers. Thus beginning a full media blitz on the island to convince government to move marina to another location, where it wouldn’t damage a wave.  One month later, the Madeiran government announced it would relocate the marina.

Over ten years later Save The Waves has maintained Will’s can-do attitude and focus on achieving results. From the recent defeat of the Don Diego mining operation in Scorpion Bay to the latest news coming from Huanchaco, Peru, where the World Surfing Reserve won hard fought federal protection for the break. From the Gold Coast World Surfing Reserve’s success in stopping a cruise ship terminal in Kirra, to the hundreds of thousands of dollars raised to protect Punta de Lobos in Chile. These are just a few of the recent wins, and why we are celebrating at our 10th annual Life Is A Wave.

We’ll also be celebrating the impact of some of our friends and partners in protecting what matters. That’s why we’re honoring Greg Long with Wave Saver Athlete of the Year, for all of his work in protecting the places he loves – from Harry’s, to Trestles to Punta de Lobos.

That’s why we’re honoring Bureo Inc, for their impact in removing over 22,950 tons of fishnets that would otherwise wind up in the ocean and creating lifestyle products we can all get behind.

It is also why we’re honoring Dr. Charles Lester, former director of the California Coastal Commission, for his 20 years of service in upholding the Coastal Act, and working on win-win solutions to protect California’s greatest assets.

We invite you to come and celebrate these 10 years of impact with us at this year’s Life is a Wave, Saturday June 11, at Mezzanine in San Francisco.

Plus G.Love and Special sauce will be there.

Purchase your tickets for Life Is A Wave today!

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