Progress at Lobos: Local Fundación Punta de Lobos installs bathrooms, controls parking and protects cactus.

Save The Waves just returned from a recent trip to Punta de Lobos, Chile where we visited the work being done by our partners at Fundación Punta de Lobos. The on-the-ground progress toward protecting the point has been impressive.

In December 2016, Save The Waves transferred $80,000 as the first installment of funds raised by small donors during the Lobos Por Siempre campaign to help the Fundación with on the ground conservation needs. In that short time, the Fundación has established a bathroom area using dry-composting toilets (before there were no facilities in Punta de Lobos). The Fundación has also created restricted restoration areas to control erosion and regenerate the cactus, by creating network of ropelines around sensitive cliff areas.

Furthermore, they have solved a major issue at Lobos by creating a roundabout to improve traffic flow. Trash containers and collection have also been installed, as well as countless community and foreign volunteer pitching in toward long-term stewardship. These were all critical solutions to pressing issues, and we couldn’t be more proud to have the Fundación as a partner.

We were reminded of how epic the place is, and grateful for all of the work the Fundación has put into protecting Punta de Lobos for the long-run. To see their next steps and support this work check out www.puntadelobos.org.

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