Mirador property at Punta de Lobos is protected forever.

After years of hard work, Save The Waves, Fundación Punta de Lobos and Patagonia are happy to announce that we have raised all of the money necessary to purchase the first property at Punta de Lobos, protecting it forever.

In 2015, Save The Waves and Patagonia launched the “Lobos Por Siempre” campaign, with the goal to raise enough money to purchase the 4.5 acre Mirador Property. The most iconic property, the Mirador Property at the very tip of  Punta de Lobos was purchased by Chilean Philanthropist Nico Davis and held with an agreement to sell only to the Foundation when the money had been raised. With the help of Patagonia, the Marisla Foundation, Packard Foundation, Waitt Foundation and over 900 small donors, we all were able to raise over $750,000.

The property will be transferred and officially dedicated as a World Surfing Reserve in an intimate ceremony Nov. 16 at Punta de Lobos. More information to follow.

The Fundación is now moving toward creating a Think Tank and advancing conservation through the Chilean coastline and beyond. For more information visit: www.puntadelobos.org

See the blog post from our partners at Patagonia:


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