On The Ground Update: Guarda do Embau World Surfing Reserve

In Brazil, the Guarda do Embau World Surfing Reserve continues to be laser-focused on its objective of protecting the Rio do Madre River, the lifeblood of the surf ecosystem. In their “Water for Life” stewardship project, they are focused on 3 major objectives; expanding their water quality testing program to identify problem areas for water quality, implementing a robust coastal monitoring strategy that will assess the movement of the river throughout the changing seasons, and finally restoring native plants in site-specific locations to curtail the erosion brought on by a changing climate.

Taken together, these actions will continue building the necessary data to understand how water quality is being impacted and by what source as well as gain a deeper understanding of the changing river landscape and how that affects the surf ecosystem. Using nature as the best buffer, Guarda will implement native plant restoration as a starting point to stabilize problematic erosion areas and provide more resiliency in the face of climate change.

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